Corporate Cash Management

Welcome to StrategiQ Cash Management Solutions

As a treasurer you should be asking yourself, are you extracting the most returns from you operational, core and flexible cash of your business where appropriate? There are numerous cash management products available for corporates in South Africa, specifically solutions from Banks and Asset Managers. As a result, its often extremely consuming for treasurers to determine which solutions and financial institutions to place their cash. StrategiQ currently manages cash portfolios for corporations, foundations, insurance companies and trusts in a variety of solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s corporate treasurer.

StrategiQ for corporates specialises in corporate treasury cash advisory and cash management solutions and have extensive experience in servicing large, listed companies, trusts and other relevant corporate entities. We focus on structuring customised corporate cash management solutions across the various providers and market offerings, specifically supporting your operational, core and targeted cash positions. Our customised solutions encompass a holistic approach to maximise returns within your companies’ specific risk and liquidity parameters.

In this low interest rate environment corporates need to work their cash as hard as they can whilst ensuring both applicable risk and liquidity requirements is adhered to in the process. Our suite of offerings is designed to meet a range of corporate cash flow needs from singular cash type solutions to more comprehensive cash portfolio blending to extract value across the curve and supporting your total cash targeted return within your treasury cash management profile.

At StrategiQ, we embrace each client’s risk tolerances, specific guidelines, liquidity needs in the development of a customised cash management strategy.

Customised Cash Solutions

Corporate Cash investors have unique needs and requirements. Money market funds are often important components of an overall investment strategy, but many clients have turned to enhanced strategies to manage elements of their cash profile.

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Fund Manager Selection Process

Our manager selection process follows a three-step approach:

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Why StrategiQ for Cash Management?


  • We are owner-managed and independent;
  • Our investment team is highly qualified and experienced in corporate treasury cash solutions;
  • Access to best-in-class investment products and resources;
  • Our research-driven, rigorous approach to our managed cash solutions is focussed on both consistency and repeatability through customised and innovative strategies;
  • Investments are monitored on an ongoing basis according to pre-designed risk parameters and analytics;
  • We construct cost-effective solutions and offer enhanced reporting capabilities; and
  • Highest standards of client service provided by an experienced support team able to provide consolidated reporting and high-quality administrative support.