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Our collaborative investment approach of blending active and passive investment strategies allows us to optimally construct a range of risk-profiled solutions.

STRATEGIQ offers a range of risk-profiled solutions that are designed to meet specific objectives. These portfolios are actively managed to maximise risk-return outcomes, so your clients stay invested, achieving their specific long-term investment goals.

Our range of risk-profiled investment solutions are available on leading linked investment services provider (LISP) platforms in South Africa, providing pre- and post-retirement solutions, discretionary investment and tax-free savings products as well as a range of global investment solutions.

StrategiQ for Advisors
StrategiQ for Advisors

Our discretionary fund management services include:

Fund management services

An in-depth analysis covering a range of asset classes, geographies and economic data points.

A rigorous portfolio construction approach incorporating both long-term strategic asset allocation objectives with shorter-term tactical allocations.

Our strategic investing approach looks to determine what proportion of a portfolio should be allocated to Growth Assets, Defensive Assets and Uncorrelated Assets.

The identification of the best investments in their class, blending both active and passive investment strategies.

We follow a building block approach in each of the major asset classes, looking for superior investment skills in specific areas of the market.

Extensive, ongoing manager & fund due diligence process incorporating both quantitative and qualitative factors.

Our network allows access to investment managers who often out of reach for most investors with access to institutional fee classes.


Expand your investment horizons.

STRATEGIQ Invest is an adviser-directed portal that has taken the complexity out of investing, to bring financial advisers and ultimately their clients the transparency and simplicity they deserve.

Use our online proposal tool to produce consistent and detailed investment proposals for your clients, reducing risk of investment advice and meeting regulatory and compliance obligations.

The tool enables you to access extensive research, fact sheets, weekly newsletters, quarterly house view, reporting and to view complete history of all generated proposals and provides an effective means of communicating the details of our value proposition.

Our modern, user-friendly dashboard is customised to fit your brand.

We’ll incorporate your corporate identity to make it distinctly your own.

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    When you partner with us, we put our years of global and local expertise to work, using strategic asset allocation to ensure optimal investment outcomes over the long-term.