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The Solution combines some of the leading hedge fund managers in South Africa, namely the 36ONE Retail Hedge Fund, Laurium Long Short Hedge Fund, Amplify SCI Diversified Income Retail Hedge Fund and the Peregrine Capital High Growth Hedge Fund.

Each of the respective mangers has a stellar long-term track record, having achieved attractive risk adjusted returns since inception. The funds have also been able to navigate recent market volatility, providing strong returns year to date.

Multi hedge
Multi hedge
Laurium Capital
Peregrine Capital
In our view investors should be seeking further sources of diversification for portfolios, and we see hedge funds as well-placed to navigate current market volatility.

Non-directional hedge fund strategies are particularly well-placed to take advantage of opportunities on both the long and the short side of the market, which is outside the domain of traditional managers or strategies. So, for the remainder of the year, we see the role of hedge funds increasing as markets remain volatile, central bank rates continue to rise, and divergence between sectors or regions increases.

We recently interviewed each of the underlying managers, to learn more about their businesses and their hedge fund strategies. We invite you to watch the interviews to learn more about the STRATEGIQ Capital Multi-Hedge Fund Solution that is currently accessible on the Ninety One platform.

The STRATEGIQ Capital Multi-Hedge Fund Solution will provide investors with:

Exposure to SA’s leading hedge fund managers;

Long-term growth potential;

Investment strategies that are focused on capital preservation;

Reduced portfolio volatility, improving the overall risk return characteristics of a larger investment portfolio; and

Is easily accessible at the Ninety One investment platform.