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We are all about the journey.

We are committed to long-term investing which is why we value lasting partnerships built on shared trust and a deep understanding of our end client’s needs.



At STRATEGIQ Capital we focus on providing investors with superior risk-adjusted performance and quality service. Our strategic investing approach is driven by independent thinking and guided by thoughtful research.

We believe that expert financial advice plays an important role in assisting clients to achieve their long-term financial goals. We therefore consider it crucial to partner with skillful financial advisers.

Our goal is to forge long-term relationships built on delivery and trust.

All our services are underpinned by a disciplined and rigorous investment process. Our portfolio solutions span across the risk spectrum helping clients achieve their unique investment goals. Find out more about each of our investment services below:



At STRATEGIQ Capital we understand that every investor is different, requiring a personalised investment strategy that will meet their long-term goals and objectives. Our investment philosophy and approach is governed by the following key principles:

We are a discretionary investment manager (we assume responsibility in managing our client’s portfolios)

Strategic asset allocation remains the single most important consideration in constructing an optimal investment portfolio

We are active asset allocators, focused on providing clients with consistent real returns whilst seeking to preserve their capital over the long-term

We leverage specialist investment professionals utilising their skill and knowledge where it can add value

We ensure effective diversification at all levels (across asset classes, geographies, investment styles and currencies); and

We structure portfolios to be cost and tax effective.

Personalised Solutions.

Owner-managed and independent, allowing us the necessary flexibility to put our clients first.

The team.

Our boutique environment and team culture encourages growth and innovation within the maxims of honesty, integrity and respect.

The investment team is comprised of passionate investment professionals with diverse qualifications, extensive experience and sound knowledge of the investment industry.

We combine entrepreneurial spirit and intuition within the disciplined framework of our investment process in the management of our clients’ portfolios.

Luis Levy
(B.Com, CFA)

Robert Enslin
(B.Com Honours, CFA)
Director – Investment Management

Elanie Rocher
Head of Business Development

Grant Dixon
Investment Specialist

Jarrod Mitchell
(B.Com Honours)
Investment Analyst

Anesu Kachikoti
(B.Com Honours)
Investment Analyst

David Shochot
BSc (Actuarial) FIA CFA
Independent Investment Committee

Charlene Klohn
(B.Com, Finance and Accounting)
Independent Investment Committee